001917 Introduces yet another sylladex mechanic, in the form of merging sylladex cards. He merges the hammer card, and the nail card, to get hammer and nails (and a free card). Does this come back? Other than with punchcard alchemy?

001919 John nails his shitty poster up. Its for Little Monsters with Howie Mandel. I could be nitpicky here. Why the hell would you nail up a poster instead of taping it? But this is hardly the stupidest thing in Homestuck so I don’t care. John can nail his posters to the wall if he really wants to. Freak.

001920 The Con Air poster is going to be a gag that keeps on fucking giving. Con Air as a film and Con Air as a gag is one of the many inane things that shape the whole narrative, or at least the first 5 acts of Homestuck. It comes back again and again, in this case, because John loves it, and brings it up whenever he can. Creatures are named after it. Aliens are exposed to it. There’s a whole musical number.

If you can’t appreciate Con Air as a joke, or on some level as an actually fun movie, you are not really going to appreciate Homestuck. Half of homestuck is made of Nic Cage jokes. Its Nic Cage jokes and horses all the way down.

001921 Ironically the Deep Impact poster has nowhere near as deep an impact on the lasting narrative.

“Films about impending apocalypse fascinate you.” Good for you, John, you’ll be living one shortly.

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