001922 formally introduces John’s calendar, which has been hanging around in the background of panels until now, just begging to be looked at.

There are two dates marked on the calendar, John’s birthday, and three days prior, the suposed launch of Sburb beta, which is late arriving (much to john’s annoyance).

Here the comic links to the actual beta, which I mentioned earlier, as in the beta of the comic Homestuck, its first few panels in flash. http://www.mspaintadventures.com/?s=5

The beta, interestingly, goes as far as John retrieving his arms. In it, you move the cake off the bed with your actual mouse cursor for John, and John is explicitly unable to interact with the (green homestuck logo) cursor. However, interestingly, we actually see him pick up the fake arms and ‘place’ them in his sylladex, rather than captchaloguing them. Fascinating stuff.

However, what I want to return  to is the calendar, because there’s an interesting if perhaps minor, inconsistency about it.

You’ll notice that the calendar is comprised of two parts, the upper part a picture, and the lower part the calendar. It may be a single month, or it may be one page of a whole year calendar, its impossible to tell, however, that’s not particularly relevant.

What is relevant is that the image on the calendar is the Sburb green house logo and skaian spirograph, making it appear that this calendar is a piece of Sburb marketing paraphernalia in celebration of the game’s arrival.

However, if this is the case, why is the beta launch not marked on the calendar? Its there, but it’s in John’s handwriting, in the same red pen as his birthday is marked.

Perhaps the beta IS listed on the calendar, but simply too small print for us to see, and John has helpfully made it larger.

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