001923 has John rejecting the idea of eating more cake, but more importantly it introduces us to what will be a persistent element throughout most of the comic- computers. Specifically John’s computer.

001924 AHHHH, there are so many important elements on this page that WILL come up later.

Let’s go in order of least important to most important.

First, obviously there’s John’s Ghostbusters obsession. This is really more of a theme/character trait than a plot element. At no point that I recall does Ghostbusters become significantly important in shaping the narrative.

Then there’s Pesterchum. Pesterchum is the chat client through which aaaaaalll of the communication is done in Homestuck for a long, long time. It’s the singular verbal medium of communication, until the characters are able to talk to one another directly, in the game, much, much later in the comic. Pesterchum is basically iconic of Homestuck itself. It was so fucking omnipresent somebody in the fandom actually made a pesterchum client. We will be reading through thousands, of thousands, of thousands of pesterlogs in this re-read.

Moving along we have Typheus. Some of you might consider this to be the most important new element on the page, but you’d be wrong, as I’ll describe below. Typheus is however, pretty important. A cursory google will tell anyone that “In Greek myth, Typheus was a terrible snake-like monster that was one of the gods’ greatest adversaries. He was called the Father of the Winds.”. Typheus here appears to be the name of the web browser that John uses. Thematically, Typheus is the way he accesses information. I wonder if there’s any more to that?

More than a mere thematic browser, we’ll learn later that Typheus is John’s Denizen– Denizens are a player’s ultimate challenge in Sburb, the hidden, sleeping ruler of their planet whom they must defeat in some way in order to win the game. John will confront Typheus at least twice, if I remember correctly, and denizens do end up being fairly important.

But most important on this page we see John’s programming experiments. There are two different languages he’s attempting to learn here, and both of them are puns. We have ^cake (carrot cake) and ~ath (tilde ath= til death). ~ath will become VERY important in the 5th act, thanks to Sollux and Karkat, and could in a way be seen as the beginning of the whole problem with the game, in the context of the story.

Whether or not ~ath will count as a dropped element, or an element that served its purpose in the storyline will remain to be seen. With the knowledge/memory I have now, I’m kind of on the fence. An element that big could have been incorporated better, but on the other hand it’s sort of eclipsed by other factors, and eventually ambiguous how much impact ~ath really had.

Either way though ~ath is ONE of the things that brings about the big conflicts in the story, at least for a bit.

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