001926 has our first pesterlog. These multi colored walls of text are going to become very, very familiar. Ironically at one point people coming into reading the comic had to be directly told to read the pesterlogs and not skip them, because the format was so unusual and off-putting. It is unfortunately where we get almost all of our plot from.

The conversation between John (chumhandle ectoBiologist) (another ghostbusters reference, as well as a later element in the comic), and turntechGodhead (who we will later find out is Dave)  is not particularly enlightening but it does set a tone.

The conversation is all about apple juice, and whether or not a movie character has peed in it. This joke, from the movie Little Monsters, will come up repeatedly through the comic.

Aside from trademarked Hussie shenanigans and irony, what we get from this conversation is a little more information about sburb. Specifically that Dave already has two copies, and John’s might be in the mail.

The really interesting thing about this page, from a narrative point of view is twofold. First it establishes the tone of John and Dave’s friendship, which will continue to be an important running theme through the whole comic. We don’t know it yet here, but John and Dave have never actually met face to face yet. In comic panels, it’s going to be a long time before they do.

The other interesting thing is the chumhandles. Specifically chumhandles have a very unique pattern to them, which will actually be relevant to the comic and the lore later on. They are in fact, reflecting DNA codes, though you can’t see it yet because John has changed his.

The fact that John’s initial chumhandle doesn’t fit the later pattern of chumhandles reflecting DNA leads me to believe that it was originally a coincidence among the three other chumhandles that Hussie noticed or had pointed out to him, and later retconned and used within the story. I don’t think this is a bad thing, merely another way that the story works in harmony with its readers to write itself. Some of the elements of the story only come around to importance by bizarre coincidence.

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