001927 John looks out his window, and the MSPA fandom collectively wonders if this is going to be another ‘escape the room’ style plot, with the mailbox as its final goal. This, thankfully, is a notion that will be disabused in only a few pages. Getting out of the house isn’t John’s major dilemma.

This of course raises the question, what does it mean to be Homestuck.

There’s also a reference to gentlemen and monocles which is a little callback to Problem Sleuth, wherein gentlemen twiddling their monocles was an allusion to masturbation.

001928 The mail has arrived. So has the buffyspeak. Mail and delivery will go on to be an important element in Homestuck, at least for a while.

001929 John is about to go down to get the mail when his father’s car pulls in the driveway, and he checks the mail. This deters John.

The beginning of Homestuck presents us with an interesting theme of kids vs guardians, in the form of what will be known as ‘strife’. This is an interesting one and one that is never quite dropped. If anything, I’d say that the concept of kid vs guardian is one of the most successfully followed through Homestuck themes. A lot of people talk about Homestuck as a journey to maturity and nowhere do they have more ground to stand than here. Throughout the comic, the kids go through a cycle of being at odds with their guardians, to losing them, to trying to reattain them, to finally interacting with them on a mature and equal level.

But that’s down the road. For right now John’s dad is the closest thing we have to an antagonist.

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