001930 Hussie teases us again with the possibility that this is an escape the room plot, and makes the obvious ‘stuck at home’ reference. “Stuck, if you will, in a sense which possibly borders on the titular.”

This page also gives us Homestuck’s very first reference to horses. There will be many, many more.

001931 is the first flash page of the comic proper, but not the first sound panel. It’s a little interactive page which lets us examine the games on John’s CD rack. Move the cursor along the shelf, and different covers appear.

In his collection are Bard Quest, Jailbreak, and Problem Sleuth, the three prior MS Paint Adventures, which canonizes them as legitimate games in John’s universe. There’s also, The Caper Havers, And it Don’t Stop, Ghostbusters II the MMORPG (which will return later in the comic) Konami’s Little Monsters for the NES, and Barry Anderson ‘Call My Bluff’.

Like from the MSPAs, none of the others are real games either. And it Don’t Stop is a comic Hussie did with another artist about rap battles and robots, Caper Havers is another small comic from Hussie’s Team Special Olympics, the site prior to mspaintaventures, ‘Call My Bluff’ appears to be a poker game, and the other two are references to movies John likes with games that just blatantly don’t exist.

I believe Call My Bluff may show up again, possibly in intermission 1 but I don’t remember. I’ll tag it anyway.

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