001932 contains our first obvious case of foreshadowing in the plot, in fact, I’d call it the first foreshadowing whatsoever.

John goes to read Colonel Sassacre’s book and we’re told that “It could kill a cat if you dropped it.” If I recall correctly it kills more than just a cat. But it definitely kills a cat.

We’re also introduced to another bizarre captchalogue mechanic, because the book is so heavy John will apparently have to captchalogue it to read it reasonably. So something about having an item in your sylladex makes it lighter or easier to handle. How? Why? The world may never know.

By now you’ve probably gotten the impression I’m obsessed with sylladexes. You’re kind of right. In my opinion they’re the most weird, underdescribed, unexplained thing in Homestuck, at least in the early game. I desperately want them to make sense. We’ll see if I can do it.

Anyway, he doesn’t captachalogue the book because his sylladex is already full.

001933 He takes the arms instead.

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