001935 Another John and Dave pesterlog. This one introduces, mysteriously, the character of Rose, here only called TT, and referred to as Her. We can infer from John’s offline chums that she is tentacleTherapist.

Rose has apparently been hitting on Dave, and John jokingly flirts with him as well. All this is glossed over in the first few lines. And then they spend a wall of text talking about sylladexes.

No mention is made of where they come from, if they are new or old. One can infer that they are technology from the way they’re talked about, but that’s about it. John is hopelessly having trouble with his, while Dave claims to be superior at it, thanks to his brother. (This is the first mention we have of Dave’s bro who ‘basically knows everything and is awesome’.)

What we learn about sylladexes here is that each operates under a ‘modus’ which is the way that items are stored and retrieved very much like data from a computer. And this is fitting because at least initially the modii themselves are references to computer data structures. But this is quickly dropped in favor of funny modii instead.

John currently has ‘stack’ modus, which is why things keep getting ejected from his deck, and Dave has hash map which is ‘better’. Hashmap, in the real world, is a data structure used by java programming.

Next Dave tells John about strife specibi, which are special weapons cards that you can assign a class of weapon to. I have so many questions about strife specibi, from a worldbuilding point of view. Namely, what kind of world do you have to live in for this to be a common convenience technology– a weapon to carry around hidden and weightless.

I’m going to go ahead and put forth the initial theory that the sylladexes and strife specibi were introduced by Betty Crocker/The Condese, specifically for use in Sburb. We have evidence later on that she introduced the same thing in the Alpha kids timeline, so why not the Beta timeline as well, and even the trolls Beta timeline? In fact, I think the only timeline we don’t have any evidence of having sylladexes is the Alpha trolls timeline, so it may be connected to the initial session scratch and Doc Scratch’s promise to improve the odds of the next session winning the game.

One snag in that theory is where do Caliborn/Calliope get their sylladex? From Gamzee? Perhaps.

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