001936 John sticks the fake arms into the cake. This doesn’t really have any earth shattering consequences, but maybe you could theorize it makes the arms stick better to the mannequin in a few pages.

001937 John allocates his strife specibus  to hammerkind. In non-Homestuck english that means he picks hammers as his weapon for the rest of the comic. Along the way he’ll have a lot of different hammers, because whats a world spanning RPG without upgrades?

All the strife specibi possible on John’s card are fully legible, though it’s unknown whether these are all the kinds possible, or only all of the kinds that John has available to chose from.

Interesting to note, while there are actual weapons listed like bladekind, pistolkind and scythekind, much more frequent are various household objects that could be considered improvised weapons, such as mopkind, rakekind, and lampkind.

Also present are the absurd ‘forkkind’ and ‘fancysantakind’ which oddly enough are an example of foreshadowing, or at least retroactive-foresahdowing.

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