001939 Dave informs John he’s now stuck using hammers forever, which John shrugs off saying it ‘can’t be that relevant’. This is just the first of a number of fourth-wall groaning literary ironies that the comic will try to pass off as ‘jokes’. Which isn’t to say that they aren’t funny.

001940 John finally captchalogues the book.

001941/001942 Gamebro magazine is an amusing little false document Hussie has created to satire both completely useless game reviews, and completely useless ‘bro’ culture, which he will take a stab at repeatedly throughout the comic. There isn’t much actually relevant in it accept that the reviews haven’t even played the game.

They give it 1.5 hats out of 5, which, after extensive exposure to the game, I am honestly inclined to agree with.

001943 He captchalogues Gamebro, in case he needs something to burn. Why does he own a subscription to a magazine he hates?

001944/001945 The readers are on a captchaloguing spree. Remember as John captchalogues the magician’s hat, and funny glasses that all the commands are coming from real people right now, and real people like to faff about.

001946 John puts on a shitty disguise to ‘fool his dad’.

We learn that while items are in use (or equipped) at least in this way) they remain on the captchalogue card, which is temporarily ‘aside’.

Hussie sure put a lot of effort into the mechanics of this game element which will eventually become increasingly irrelevant and pointless.

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