i recently told my parents i want nothing to do with them via letter and told them how my mom had molested me and done other various toxic things to me, and while i know i shouldn’t go to them for validation i’m really pissed off the only thing my dad had to say was he didn’t believe any of it and that i had offended him, even though none of the letter was about him. he even invalidated stuff he had validated as true before. i’m glad to be rid of them but i cant help but be angry because of this

You are absolutely justified in feeling hurt, angry and offended by this reaction, anon. Your father, a person who is supposed to care about you, and do anything they can for you, has completely dismissed your pain and suffering, called you a liar, and proved, beyond a shadow of a doubt that he doesn’t care about you.

I am so sorry that you had to go through this, and all the other things that your mother and father have obviously put you through. No matter what anyone says, none of it is something you deserved, or was caused by you. A mother who molests their child is as bad as any kind of child molester, and worse, because your mother is an object of trust and affection. You have been betrayed on every level, and my heart goes out to you, anon. Nothing I can say can come close to the sorrow and anger that I feel on your behalf.

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