“Now you’re grounded” because I sighed… I swear to god I feel safer around my bitchy friends than my parents. I’m trying so hard and nothing is ever enough. I got top of my class and I do everything in the damn house. But if I want a afternoon with my friends I’m self centered.

I can tell you from experience that self-centered parents are very prone to projecting their own selfishness on their children. These toxic parents expect their children to essentially be dolls for them with no independent wants or needs, other than what they feel like you should have (also known as THEIR wants and needs). 

Try NOT to fall into the trap of feeling like having your own needs makes you self-centered, anon. I did, and it really damaged me for life. It makes you a doormat who can’t tell what a reasonable request is and what’s an unreasonable demand.

You are not your parents property. Your wants and needs are valid and important. Wanting independence does not make you self centered.

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