My mom attempted to take my phone and I freaked out because in the past this has always been a sign she will hit me and I’ll have no way to call for help. I told her I wouldn’t and then she told me I had no choice and she held me down and called my dad telling him to beat me if he had to. I ran outside and called a friend who called the police but they did nothing when they finally came 3 hours later. She took my phone that night and trashed it. It had all my evidence of her abuse. Idk what 2 do

Do you have a sympathetic friend that you could stay with for a little while? If you do, you should try that.

Another thing you can do is if you have about $20, go to Walmart and buy a ‘burner’ phone- a little cellphone (not a smart phone) that lets you buy minutes for it. Keep the phone and the minutes hidden from your parents. Tat way if they take away your real phone you’ll always be able to call for help.

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