How do you know if you’re being emotional abused by your parents?

Here are some specific ways from my experience:

  • Parents constantly call you names, or belittle you. (calling you fat, ugly, stupid, etc)
  • Parents blame you for things that are not your fault (blame you for siblings actions, or random events like the store being closed, or their friends not coming over)
  • Parents claim you ‘ruined their life’, or that you owe them for parenting you.
  • Scream at you for a long time for minor offenses
  • Your parents neglect your health, not taking you to the doctor, dentist, etc, or disbelieve you when you say your sick.
  • Your parents restrict your access to food, or do not feed you.
  • Your parents isolate you and control your movement to an unhealthy degree. They keep you from going out, from having friends, and from learning life skills like driving.
  • Your parent threatens to hurt or physically assault you, or to destroy your possessions.
  • Your parent allows you to have no privacy. (Taking your door off its hinges, etc)

And here is a list from an official source 

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