My parents constantly take stuff off of me using the excuse that it’s “theirs because they bought it”. I just bought a new phone because I broke my old one and I’m scared they’ll try to take it off of me again except I bought the phone with my own money and this time I’m scared of getting kicked out.

I am so sorry, anon. I hope that you can keep your phone safe for now.

While you can, I want you to google local shelters in your area. There may be shelters specifically for victims of abuse and abandonment.

If you are kicked out and have nowhere to go, you can also always go to the police station, especially if you are underage. Yes, in this situation it is likely that the police will take you back to your home but they will also file a CPS report and it will possibly get the ball rolling on you getting removed from the abusive environment and into another home.

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