when i was little, my mom would punish me for misbehaving in public by putting me in a corner and leaving me there. a regular instance of this would be me sitting in the shopping cart, and her leaving the cart in one spot, typically a corner, and walking away. never more than like 5 to 10 feet, but it was a regular form of punishment for “misbehaving” in public. she’d love to use “stores have corners too” as a threat to behave. im hesitant to consider this neglect/withholding affection w/o (1/2)

(2/2) a second opinion, but my mom is highly emotionally abusive in other ways, and tbh i need all the proof i can get from what memories i have that what she did was wrong. thank you so much for reading this and giving me your opinion if you do <3

Anon, punishing you in public like that was a form of humiliation tactic, and definitely emotionally abusive of her. I am so sorry that that is something you had to go through.

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