my parents were really awful when i was younger. they’d pull me around and practically pick me up by me hair and locked me out of the house a lot. they also had a lock to lock me into my room. most of that stopped but a while back i got frustrated and kinda hit something an my dad grabbed my hair and started yelling “do you want to get violent” at me and kicked me out of the house for a few hours. this isn’t an often thing but i’m hesitant to let people touch my hair because of it. (1/?)

when people grasp my hair i freak out. my mum also always says things like “because if you don’t then i’ll make your life miserable. i also have a diagnosed learning disability that they won’t let me get and IEP(individual education plan) for and then yells at me when i mess up in school. she’s also they type that doesn’t beleive in mental illness really. the other day I tryed telling her something and she was like “oh you dot want to do anything bc ur depressed so just do it and u won’t be 2/?

and I’ve been to the doctor about a sleeping disorder and on medication because I’m up all night constantly(it’s 3:40am rn) and i slept during the day yesterday and my dad started yelling bc I "sleep to much” and wants to take me off meds. and they’re both rlly trans/homophobic and I’m closeted trans and pansexual :/ and the interrogate me about my school friends and whether they would like them or not and i think my friends are wonderful people but two are trans (lost count I’m sorry)

additionally i was bullied for 8 years at my old school and they did nothing until I got suspended for fighting back bc no one was helping and acted so “supportive” and stuff outside but inside they blamed me like “oh if you weren’t so pathetic ppl would bully you” and they talk about how much the “helped me” it’s sickening i just stopped telling them about it and they wouldn’t let me transfer schools. (lost count….)

and the outcome of that was getting into a lot of fights and I’ve always had ange issues to the point it scares me and I’ve had nightmares about accidentally hitting people seriously and every time I try to bring it up my mum says I should just go for a walk to help me calm down (even though i know it’sore serious) i asked to go for a walk and i got grounded and they accuse me of doing drugs and yelled at me a lot (this is final)

Anon, I am so sorry that this is something you have to go through. Your parents sound a lot like mine, extremely bigoted, closed minded, and abusive. I hope that this is a situation that you can get out of soon.

I don’t know how old you are, and how close you are to being able to move out. if you are able to get a job and start saving money to move out that would be ideal. But it sounds like you are not quite old enough for that yet.

My suggestion is that next time you see your doctor, (if your parents let you alone in the room with your doctor) tell your doctor that your parents are extremely abusive and that you need help.

You also say that you have good friends at school. Do they have good/supportive parents? If so, you can tell their parents about the abuse your experiencing, and their parents may be able to help you, either by taking you in, or calling CPS, or confronting your parents.

If you ever want more detailed advice, feel free to message me privately off anon with your age and general location, and I may be able to better locate help for you in your area.

Stay safe, anon, and I wish you well.

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