I had chronic pain all my life and when I cried in public my mother called me embarrassing and say things like “what will they think” now I have depression and anger issues and when I show any negative emotion she does the same(I’m 15) is this abuse?

Anon, that is absolutely abuse. Furthermore if she denies you care for your condition, or denies it exists entirely (calls you melodramatic, pretends you don’t have a medical condition) that is ALSO abuse.

All abuse counts. There is not a bar to pass to count as ‘abused enough’. If you have experienced abuse, verbal, emotional, or physical, your trauma is valid and you deserve support.

Complete lack of privacy is abuse. Taking away your door, going through your possessions, and forcing you you to show every item you buy or receive is controlling and abusive.

Calling your child hurtful names is abuse, not teasing. If your parent calls you stupid, ugly, fat cow, loser, asshole, moron, or any other name designed to shame, hurt or otherwise be cruel that is verbal abuse.