I have a friend (19yearsold) and he is in a horrible situation. His mom is very manipulative and even abusive to some extend. He can’t afford therapy and his mom won’t let him go anyway. How can I support him without making it worse?

  • Help him get a prepaid cell phone
  • Give him a place to stay as often as you can. Just being away from abuse for a few hours can be a big relief.
  • Remind him that he is being abused. It can be very hard for survivors to recognize their own abuse and prioritize their own safety.
  • Reassure him that his safety and well-being is important and that you care about him.
  • Encourage him to do everything he can to get away from his mom.
  • Send him links to abuse survivor resources such as blogs here on tumblr and other online communities so he can see he is not alone.
  • help him learn to drive, if he doesn’t know how to already.
  • Help him look for a job, and if he gets one, help him hide money from his abuser.
  • Help him find a place to stay that isn’t with his abuser.
  • Most importantly remind him that he is important, his feelings and well being are important, and that its important to get away from his abuser, and that you want to help him any way you can.

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