I rly need some advice. Last night i got in a fight with my mom again, when i called her out on the abuse she automatically thinks im going to call the cops on her bc me trying to explain how she treats me is abuse is me trying to ruin her life to her. Im 19 and i have a hard time finding a job or movin out bc of my parents. she threatened to hurt me but she apologized later for it but rn no one in my family will talk to me. I have no where to go and they know this so i get threats of

Of being kicked out. She denies everything she ever done is wrong and says she gets mad at me bc of my “attitude”. I dont know what to do im sick of this and my bf cant help and asks me to be docile until he can move me out but its been a yr since he started saying that. Im just so overwhelmed and im just tired of it.

One solution might be next time she threatens to kick you out, leave and go to your boyfriend’s. Tell him you did your best, but she kicked you out. You should also ask around to see if any of your friends might be able to house you for a few weeks while you look for a job.

Please remember, your mother’s abuse is not your fault and you will escape it. There ma be hard times ahead, but things will be better when you get away.

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