my mother isn’t the best person out there, she’s extremely emotionally abusive. Its weird because she can go a couple days without being abusive but then a switch flips and she goes absolutely crazy. Ive expressed to her that i have an eating disorder and she literally doesn’t care. I was sexually assaulted and she bring that up in every argument as a trump card and it leaves me feeling worse. She’s hit me a few times and she calls me a whore and digs through my stuff and trash :/

I am so sorry, anon. All of that you describe to me is abuse, and you don’t deserve that. Please remember that your mother abusing you is not your fault, and not the result of something you did, it is the result of your mother choosing to (or being unable to stop) abuse use.

Try to contact your friends and sympathetic relatives and see if any of them might be able to help you with this situation.

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