001957 John captchalogues the ashes to clean them up. Its pretty messy but it gets the job done. Overall I think this sort of brings home how pointless and inefficient captchaloguing really is.

001961 John has gone to fetch his fake arms, and now we get an alternate view of John’s room. It doesn’t really reveal anything special but it does give us a nice view of some more of his terrible movie posters.

001963 Another pesterlog. This time the character we’ll get to know as Rose Lalaond, but here still knownas TentacleTherapist (hurhur, tentacle rapist). She has a a very different typing style from the two we’ve seen so far. She’s rather long winded, and a bit like yours truly tends to use more complex sentence construction and word choice than perhaps strictly necessary.

Rose and John only have a short conversation here, where Rose basically tells him to GTFO and get the game from his dad. Its really blissfully short considering some of the pesterlogs we have in our future.

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