001965 is a fateful panel. Without it, so many things in the future of the comic just wouldn’t have happened, or would have happened very differently. I wonder if the person who made this command ever thinks about how much it shaped the narrative to come?

What happens here is John attaches the fake arms to the previously armless Harlequin. A perfectly harmless and amusing jape, if not for the fact that this is what allows one of these arms to shortly be fatefully *removed*, thus beginning the recurring theme and imagery of missing arms in Homestuck.

How many characters lose an arm (and an eye) in this comic? If I had to count off the top of my head right now, I’d say its at least 4, but I think there are probably more. It comes up again and again, not not *always* as a consequence of this action, but every time it happens you can’t help but tie them thematically together. In fact I’d go so far to say that every character in the comic that loses an arm is at least partially thematically linked.

How exactly does the Harlequin losing an arm effect other characters? Simple, this is (I believe) the first object we’ve been introduced to that will be used as a primary prototyping.

Prototyping is one of those weird quirks in Homestuck that’s sort of explicitly designed to effect the narrative, because it effects sburb as a whole. Its one of those (many) places where the game and the narrative become interchangeable.

Basically the one armed (and one eyed) Harlequin becomes significant specifically because it was designated to be significant by the game.

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