(That’s right nook sniffers, I’m back, after a five month hiatus to brain some more Homestuck at you. I haven’t reread my notes so if I repeat stuff that’s TOO BAD.)

001955 contains another one of what will be one of the increasingly familiar devices of the narrative, FATHERLY NOTES. They actually go somewhere, sort of, though their arc doesn’t last til the end of the narrative. John’s dad just loves and supports him SO MUCH.

001956 is an important panel. It introduces us to THAT FUCKING HARLEQUIN DOLL. Frankly, knowing what I know about where the story of Homestuck goes from here, and how important that grinning fucker is going to be in shaping what’s to come, I can’t help but echo John’s sentiment: Oh hell no.

Seriously, I don’t know if Hussie even had a concept of where this particular item was going at the time that it was introduced but this thing has a hugely far reaching impact on paradox space and the narrative. Its safe to say that without this particular object being included, 99% of everything just… wouldn’t have happened.

I think this is my first occasion to say FUCKING CLOWNS. And If I’ve already said it, good!

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