My parents did the “best they could”

My parents did the best they could for me

The best they could was

  • Spending hundreds of dollars a month on weed when we didn’t have food or clothes
  • refusing to cook, and refusing to let me use the kitchen to feed myself
  • calling me fat at every opportunity, in every hurtful way imaginable
  • telling me I was a sociopath and an iguana with no feelings
  • screaming at me for hours on end without allowing me to leave the room
  • throwing a temper tantrum and threatening to leave forever when someone made them mad
  • threatening suicide when someone made them made
  • refusing to let me leave the house
  • convincing me that i would be raped and mugged if I walked down the street
  • stealing my possessions and giving them to my brother
  • failing to acknowledge my birthday while lavishing presents on my brother
  • making me feel like I existed to please other people
  • making me afraid of expressing my wants and desires
  • refusing to acknowledge my accomplishments
  • discouraging me from pursuing an education
  • pulling my brother out of school at 12 years old
  • telling me my brother’s mental and social handicaps were my fault
  • yelling at me whenever I was upset about something
  • laughing at me for being ‘ugly’
  • saying hurtful things and telling me they were ‘just joking’
  • breaking my possessions
  • claiming they were constantly dying but refusing to go to the doctor
  • blowing cigarette smoke in my face and then telling me I had asthma because I was fat
  • permanently removing my door from my room to strip me of any privacy
  • telling me I was out of touch with reality for not believing conspiracy theories
  • telling me my hobbies were a ‘childish escape from reality’
  • telling me I needed to ‘act like an adult’ while they acted like children

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