How to escape an abusive household? I’m about to finish college and I’d like to break free by then but I am completely financially dependent on my abusive family. Do I just suddenly run away? I have less than $40 in cash. I know if they find out I’m trying to get out from under their control they will try to stop me, maybe kill me. It is an unspoken threat. No one else, not even my therapist, seems to believe that my family is irredeemably terrible. I can’t take this.


ugh this is really awful, and i don’t know a good solution for this at all, i ran away as soon as i had enough money not to be homeless, and i felt exactly the same – if they catch me i’m dead, and nobody believed me either, but there’s records and statistics about people who felt they were in mortal danger, weren’t believed, and consequently got killed because of it, so i truly believe that you’re right, and that you alone know what you’re dealing with. 

i think you are doing everything right tho, you’re making plans, you know what you want, you know where is the danger, and you’ll look after yourself and make sure you stay safe, have trust in yourself and your survival instincts and know that you can do this, even if it takes a bit longer. 

Some tips for escaping abuse in this kind of situation

*apply for foodstamps/DSS

*research local homeless shelters/women’s shelters

*if you have a car, research living in your car (

*immediately start looking for any job that you can physically get to. its okay to start in retail/fast food

*try to secretly get a hold of your documents (birth certificate, social security card) but if you can’t get these, its okay, you can get new copies.

*give items to a friend, slowly, so they can hold them for you, and your parents won’t notice you packing

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