this might be an odd question, but do you know anything about/have resources for sexual abuse without actual sexual activity? like, parents being a bit too open about discussing sexuality around you, making jokes/comments about you involved in sexual activity, discussing their own sexual activity with you, etc, when it’s not age appropriate? is some of that stuff even ever appropriate with your offspring? i feel like parents/adults in my family messed me up because of inappropriate discussions

Anon, I’m afraid I don’t have any specific resources for you, but I can assure you that you are correct, what your parents are doing to you is a form of psychological and sexual abuse.

I went through very similar abuse from my father who considered himself a ‘crude and open’ man, constantly making sexual ‘jokes’ in front of his children. I will not go into the things he said, but he certainly should not have been saying such things to children, and he shouldn’t have been hanging sexual fetish posters or fetish gear on the wall in an environment where his children were living. You are absolutely right to feel like this is abusive and its having a negetive impact on you.

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