Hey, my friend and I started a fundraiser to help get them out of their abusive household, would you mind reblogging it?

Hi there! 🙂 I wish your friend the best, and please direct them to this blog for any tips or encouragement on getting out of their situation.

I don’t promote or reblog any fundraisers on this blog for two reasons:

1. I can’t promote one person’s fundraiser and then turn down another, so the blog would become nothing but fundraiser posts.

2.  Many abuse victims are in the same kind of bad financial situation as others in need, and emotional/financial abuse often conditions one to feel obligated to give away money they can not really afford to, and to feel irrationally obligated to support others needs before their own. 

I don’t want anyone reading to ever feel guilty for not being able to give to any fundraiser they see to help others escape abuse.

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