I just wanna say thanks for this blog, I never really thought my parents were abusive, bc I was used to it, but this blog, along with a few others has helped me realize that maybe what I grew up with wasn’t right. and while it hasn’t been easy to deal with (okay, it’s been a bit of a total mindset shift), I really appreciate your resources and your posts. It’s not the easiest subject to talk about, but thank you for pointing me to resources that have helped. I really appreciate you & your blog.

Thank you for your kind words, anon.

Realizing that what you went through is abuse can be very hard, whether that was child abuse, spousal abuse, physical, emotional, or any other kind. Abusers of all kinds set their abuse up to become normal and its hard to see outside of that framework when you’ve been caught up in it. It took me many years to accept that I had been abused, and the gravity and severity of that abuse. Its something I’m still coping with and learning to understand every day, one day at a time.

I don’t have the brightest success story out there, but I truly want to help each and every victim of abuse that’s out there, in any way I can.

Its hard to make it out of abuse, and abusers make it hard to see that there’s any way out at all. So if I can do anything at all to make finding that way out easier, or making it easier to recover from, then maintaining this blog is definitely worth it.

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