(call me star ✨) im scared that im overreacting to everything. my father scares me deeply and i have anxiety about doing chores because he would yell and scream at me for hours when i wouldnt do them right. i couldnt do a whole unit in math class due to memories of his yelling..but there are times hes caring and nice to me. im so scared ive been wrong this whole time.

Hi Star. 🙂

I’m really sorry but its not normal for a child to be scared of their parents, it is a major sign of abuse. It is no wonder your are scared of your father, because he abused you by screaming at you and terrorizing you for hours. I am so sorry that the memory of this abuse and trauma is having a negative impact on your school work. Its very normal for abusive parents to appear to be caring and nice sometimes, and it is one of the big factors why it is hard to recognize and accept that you are being abused, but please believe me, when your father yells at you for hours, that is abuse. I hope you can get away from that abuse soon.

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