Hey is what I experienced actually abuse? It’s less than other folks who’ve been asking you here recently and I feel bad. I have like no memories of being a kid and my parents sent me to a preschool that they knew took no interest in my safety even though they could’ve sent me somewhere else. They probably hit me– I know they hit my brother and later lied to us about it with almost the same words they used to reassure me that I was never hit. They gaslit me about my height, telling me I (1/? ✷)

✷ I was shorter than my mom even after I was taller than her and when I said I was 5’2" they insisted I was wrong and still shorter than my mom even though she’s 5’1.5". Also I got yelled at and called son of a b**** when I forgot to unpack my lunchbox and accused of faking my mental illness. And they’re really exorsexist (enbyphobic) and I’m nb so I can’t come out to them, and they want me to have biological kids even though I’m ace. sorry thanks friend!

anon, if you can use the word ‘gaslighting’ to describe something your parents do to you, then I guarantee you are experiencing some kind of abuse. It sounds like your parents are emotionally abusive, at the very least. Calling you a bitch and accusing you of faking a mental illness is abusive. So is their failure to respect your bodily autonomy by trying to pressure  you to have children.

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