hi i wanted to ask if my mom is abusive if: she screams at me every day for the smallest things(like not anwsering the first time she calls me) threating to hit me with a belt and belliteling me everyday because im not good in school and calling me useless and unworthy and telling me i should be more like my older sibling and saying she wished she never had me (she also once threw a plate at me) and im scared to make her mad 24/7 i have cried and started selfharming because of this (im only 12)

@fairlylocaledgelord your mother is abusive. I am so sorry you are experiencing this abuse, and I hope you will be able to get away soon. Threatening to hit you is abuse. Screaming at you is abuse. Insulting you and telling you you are worthless is abuse. Throwing things at you is abuse and assault.

Please look for friends or relatives who might be able to understand your situation and take you in, and check the escaping abuse tag for more ideas on how to get out of this situation.

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