i.. tried to kill myself a week ago. i ended up telling a friend ((i figured maybe someone should know?? like.. to know what happened)) but she ended up picking me up and taking me to the nearest hospital (i was not given a choice in this,,) ((but shes so good to me i dont deserve it.)) my mothers response to all this was just to get annoyed/angry at my friend for not taking me to the specific childrens hospital (ill be 18 in a month) that she wanted. i just… is that a normal response,,?

(((hospital anon))) she didnt really.. act like she cared at all. shes still back to her normal ways of screaming at me until i cry and then yelling at me for crying…. i only got out of the hospital and psychiatric ward on tuesday…… it… doesnt feel like she loves me 🙁

Anon, it is not normal for your parent to respond to your trauma, injury and distress with anger. Screaming and yelling at you when you cry is abusive. I am so sorry you are going through this.

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