I was never hit, but Im yelled at alot. I have the same behavior as an autistic person, my mom knew and punished me for being “strange and difficult”. I fear more has happened in my past, but I can’t remember anything from childhood. My memory used to be somewhat okay, but now I cant even remember what I’ve just done moments ago. I forget where I’m and what Im doing, and Im scared that more happened to me in the past. A friend said I have symptoms of sexual abuse (hes a csa victim). Any advice?

Trouble remembering childhood events can be a sign of trauma and abuse, sexual or non-sexual. Please remember that non-sexual abuse can be just as damaging as sexual abuse. 

If you are in a position to I recommend seeking therapy. A qualified and empathetic therapist can help you worth through memories of trauma and figure out whether there is more that you don’t remember.

And just as a reminder, anon, yelling at you and punishing you for ‘being different’ is abuse all by itself, and you have every right to feel traumatized by it.

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