My parents have slapped me with hands shoes, thrown things at me. Ect. They’ve thrown me across the room into a wall and pick on me constantly. Then tell me I’ve no reason to be unhappy and flinch when I’m near them. They’ve invaded my privacy and manipulate me into guilty feelings. How do I get out? I can’t report it, I’m close to 16.!

Being 16 doesn’t mean you can’t report it, anon, but I understand if you chose not to. 

I am so sorry that your parents have been abusing you like this. It sounds like they are physically and emotionally abusive, as well as badly gaslighting you.

You should look in the tags list for tips on escaping abuse. Some avenues that you might want to start with are:

*researching youth shelters

*finding friends or relatives who will take you in

* getting a job and putting away money to get out

Good luck anon, I hope you can get out of there soon! Please feel free to send another message with more specifics if you need help on getting out.

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