thank you so so much for answering that ask. i’ve had a really hard time trying to find out the situation and what was going on, my mum has never seen him as an “abuser” so she considers his behaviour normal and because of my mental illnesses etc he considers everything to be my fault, and the same thing kinda goes for anyone. when i actually talk about how he treats me i have literally been told it’s just my disorder and the way it makes me see things, so thank you for giving me 1/2

the validation i needed because i always felt like it was wrong, my mum used to be quite bad for it too but recently she’s gotten better because she accepts her faults but my dad I don’t think ever will because I’ve tried to talk to him before and he just got angry, it’s been very difficult to be able to tell what I’ve gone through because those kind of situations tend to be normalised in my family. thank you so much for everything you do for ur followers and i hope u have a good day

I am so glad I could help validate your experiences, anon. Abusers are so good at normalizing their abuse and gaslighting victims into believing they are the ones who are in the wrong. Stay strong, anon, and I hope you get out of there soon.

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