Hey I’m the 21 year old who feels stuck. Thank you thank you for answering and the advice. (1) I meant I have 2 jobs and I feel stupid about that xD and (2) I have a 16 year old brother. And he usually acts super uncaring but last night he asked when I was moving out and said staying alone with them was scary. Nothing they do is illegal so he can’t just leave but now I feel horrible. One more piece of advice would be appreciated, sorry for the inconvenience

Sorry I misread about your jobs, anon! Good for you. I am honestly impressed and proud of you for doing so much.

As for your brother… oof. I am so sorry that he’s a part of this abusive household too. It would be nice if you were able to take him with you when you leave, but you need to be your own first priority. if you can’t take him with you immediately, remember that once you get out you will be in a MUCH better position to help him than when you are both stuck under the abusive thumb.

Things you can do to help your brother if taking him along isn’t practical:

a) be a place where he can stay sometimes

b) help him get a job too, so he can work on getting out

c) be supportive, and remind him that he doesn’t deserve the abuse that’s going on, and that it is abuse.

d) remind him that he will get out soon too

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