hey there, my therapist revealed to me recently something that I already knew, but didn’t have a name for, that I have a toxic parent. My mother and I have had issues for a long time. She has basically ruined my life. I go to community college and have to live with her for at the least, 6 more months. I just want any advice you could give for dealing with having to be with her in the coming months. I can barely stand to be around her. She has broken me down mentally and emotionally.

Hi anon, I’m so glad you’ll be able to get out of your abusive situation soon, and I hope that you can make that move permanent.

Until you can get out, some tips I have are:

1. No matter what your abuser says, remember that its about them, not you. Even if their words are very hurtful, they’re not true.

2. Try to stay out of the house/out of the way as much as possible/practical. Stay over at friends’ or relatives houses if you can.

3. Connect with other people and don’t let her shut you down. Other people will remind you that you are not alone and you are not worthless.

4. Focus on preparing for when you’ll be out. Take joy in it. Any little details. remember, you’ll be out soon.

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