I don’t really know if this is abuse. I’m scared of my mother to the point of not wanting to leave my room for anything other than my own basic needs, if that. My mom can be very nice and reasonable at times, but she gets really mean a lot as well. She is convinced I don’t have any type of mental illness, even when I show all the symptoms for it, and she blames it on me not caring about my school work when my grades start to slip. I try really hard. (1/2)

(2/2) It’s just hard for me to focus when I start going numb or I get extremely anxious. She’s used my own diary entries against me, showing them to my doctor as proof that I have a “porn addiction” (I watch it once every few weeks, if that), tried to force me to go on the birth control chip, forced me to go to church when she found out I’m Wiccan, and refuses to call me by my real pronouns or name because she’s convinced I’m a girl. I’m transgender. Is this abuse, or am I just overreacting?

Children are not supposed to be scared of their parents, anon. If you are scared of your parents, I guarantee you there is a reason, and that reason is abuse. You are not wrong, or overreacting.

It sounds like her behavior is extremely controlling, manipulative, and gaslighting. She is denying you any kind of personhood beyond what she wants for you. That is abuse. Next time you see this doctor, or another, if she takes you back, try to speak to them in private about your situation.

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