I’m 21 living with my emotionally abusive parents. I lived away from them on an exchange trip but my host mom was more abusive so that doesn’t count. Last semester I was away at college but…I felt worse? Less secure and dissociated and depressed and just doing the same routine and being more isolated. I dropped out because they said they wouldn’t help me anymore unless I applied for a military program (they tried to backpedal but too late) 1/2

And now I’m scared I’ll never be able to take care of myself. I ate at the cafeteria and didn’t have monthly bills and struggle with daily tasks as well as surviving socially. When left alone I mostly just read and watch tv. It doesn’t help that I have 1 jobs but I’m still not sure I could afford to live, but they’re the first jobs ever that my mental health can take. And I’m just so stuck 😔 2/2

I believe in you, anon. You are more capable than you think, and I know you will be able to get out of your abusive situation. You already have a job which is a great step in the right direction!

You would be surprised at how little you can live on, when you really need to. I have lived on less than $800 a month before when I was first escaping my abusive household. Here are my tips for you, for helping to really feel like you can get out of there.

1. Save money where your parents can’t get at it as much as you can

2. Look at craigslist for people advertising rooms for rent. Living cheaply in a stranger’s house is infinitely preferable to living in your parent’s house.

3. Make meal plans for when you can live on your own. Stick to healthy staples like rice and beans, peanut butter, eggs, etc that are cheap and easy to cook.

4. Don’t be afraid to reach out to friends and distant relatives for help

5. You can also look into local homeless and women’s shelters

Some great resources for living cheaply are at https://reddit.com/r/frugal and for more tips for getting out of your situation check out


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