Thanks for the link. I told her at one point that I love myself the way I was, just to test the waters, and she shamed me for it! She told me that I would happier if I was thinner. My autoimmune disease would go away, my psoriasis would clear, I’d be happier. It was really my thin fantasy, except I never had a say. I’m actually pretty physically able. I try so hard, but she’s there at every step, taunting me. It’s not like my many doctors help me out either.

I’m so sorry that she shamed you for loving yourself the way you are, anon, because that’s just how everyone should love themselves. I’m sorry that your mom can’t get past the idea of a daughter she has in her head and love you the way that you are. Please don’t give in to her bullying and abuse. You are amazing, and I know you are doing your best, and your best is amazing. Stay strong, and believe in yourself, even when its hard. I believe in you.

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