113. You insert the CD and install sburb beta.

114. Oops, client version. Waiting for server connection. Server/Client relationships will be important in homestuck for all of… like five seconds.  One wonders what would have been going on if Hussie hadn’t been idley studying programming.

115. ~ath appears again along with Carrot Cake and DisAsterix

118. John changes the nature of his fetch modus. this will mostly have an impact on humerus japes as I recall, and isn’t that pot important, but we’re noting it anyway, because sylladexes are a significant DROPPED ELEMENT.

120. John appears unfamiliar with how to ‘put down’ or interact with an item that doesn’t involve his sylladex.

122. John plays with the new modus and ejects a knife at deadly speed.

124. PDA gets launched out the window.

132. The Bunny. A non-dropped plot element that will only become more and more plot critical. It starts off so innocent.

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