86. Another package, this one red, this one in the kitchen. And a sburb logo. Hmmm

[S] John: Enter.: Meet Dad Egbert. Pipe. Hat. Cake. Clown Fetish.

89. Dad sees through John’s disguise and wields a cake at him. Here we are with the ongoing theme of ‘strife’ between guardians and kids.

[S] STRIFE!: Puns. Sweet music. The lifeblood of what makes homestuck actually good. Hussie initially wanted to make all of Homestuck in flash. Now that’s a dark timeline.

92. Dad hucks a pie in John’s face.

93. Sylladex shenanigans

94. The smoke pellets, they do nothing.

95. Fake oscar wilde quote. Actually said by Lao Tzu.

96. The smoke pellets are crushed by the Colonel Sassacre text. This is not the last time something like that will happen.

98. John swipes Dad’s PDA. This will come in handy later, and give us access to the fedoraFreak subplot.

100: You got sburb beta! Hold on to that feeling of triumph, kid. You’re going to remember this moment as a turning point.

104. Dad’s room is LOCKED and contains SECRETS.

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