BYF, FAQ and Incarnations

Ask & F.A.Q.

Is this a roleplay or a fanfiction blog?

No. This is a metaphysical blog where I’m recording my metaphysical and spiritual ramblings about the multiverse, about my soulbond system, and about things I’ve remembered from my past lives.

What are your incarnations?

Ken Ichijouji, Vriska Serket, Pearl, Captain Hook,  Jeritza and Sabretooth. Have a look at my incarnations tabs for more info.

How old are you

35 as of writing. If that bothers you, bye.

What other blogs do you run?

Doctorcorby is my personal dump/fandom blog, sabre-tooth is for posts specific to that incarnation. We once ran fromfiction-archive which is no longer active.

I’m planning on sending you a harassing /concen trolling / other nasty ask.

I’ll delete and then block you.

I have a legitimate question about you or your experiences in general I want to ask you.

Fantastic. Go ahead and send an ask to this blog!

I have a question about fictionkin or otherkin communities

Please ask someone else.

Ask a question


Please note:

The contents of this blog are of a private and personal nature. It is your privilege, not your right, to read it. I use the block button heavily to maintain my personal boundaries and so should you. If any of the content below, or elsewhere on my blog bothers you–Block me. Ignore me. Move on.

Before you follow me please be aware:

*I am 35 years old at time of writing

*I am married.

*My memories and therefore this blog will contain content of an adult nature. Violent. Sexual. “Problematic.” NSFW. Don’t follow me if you’re under 18.

*Doubles don’t bother me. The multiverse is big enough for both of us and our differing experiences.

*Don’t bother trying to troll me I will ignore you and you will be blocked.

*Once again this is not a fandom blog, this is not a fiction blog.

*I have a significant amount of exotrauma. A lot of these posts will be heavy.

*I will add to this list as necessary.


Ken Ichijouji: Digimon Adventure 02

My life followed the events depicted in canon roughly, but not exactly. I did marry Miyako shortly after high school but we divorced soon after, no kids. I was a police detective and my partner was a fellow former ‘digidestined/chosen child’ from Russia who had emigrated to Japan. The earth here was similar enough for there to be many cases of identical media especially prior to the 2000s.

Vriska Serket: Homestuck

Aside from some alarmingly specific individual incidents the actual events I lived through differ pretty heavily from Homestuck. There were no Cherubs/no Cherub session and ‘Lord English’ was some kind of horrifying glitch monster more like Missingno than a person. Tentabulges were a thing. Troll genders were not like human genders. Yes, my ghost army saved the day.

Pearl: Steven Universe

My memories and experience follow canon VERY closely right up until the end of the series and then veer heavily out somewhere else. Movie didn’t happen to me. Future didn’t happen to me. Spinel is some kind of weird fever dream. I knew Rose Quartz was Pink Diamond since the first episode and yes I’m proud of that.

Griff: The Slayers series

As far as I’ve been able to tell I don’t exist in Slayers canon. Despite this, everything up through Slayers Next is… roughly right? Except I showed up every now and again. I was Naga’s primary travelling companion after she and Lina originally parted ways. I was a black magic user looking to create a grimoire of all mazoku, and was heavily involved in mazoku politics. Oops.

Captain James Hook: Peter Pan mythos

I actually have no idea if there’s a specific retelling of Peter Pan that matches up with my lived experience as Captain Hook. It definitely isn’t the Disney version I will say that much. Hook (1991) has an excellent take on my personality but I don’t THINK that it happened to me. Definitely went to Eton. Definitely crewed under a captain called Black Beard before I wound up in Neverland. Yes I cared more about my crew than Pan did about his. It wasn’t a crocodile that ate my hand.

Jeritza Von Hrym: Fire Emblem Three Houses

An especially confusing lifetime memorywise because there are almost certainly several layers of timelines competing with one another after a certain point. The major difference before divergences occur is that I killed my father (and several other significant events in the timeline took place) about 3 years before the canonical timeline has them happening.

Sabretooth: Marvel Comics/X-Men

My experiences in this life are potent, memorable, and largely traumatic. Almost shockingly, my memories seem to line up very well with the events presented in mainline Marvel comics 616 universe.

System information is currently on our carrd.

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