12/1/2020 Day in the life


  • Wake up 4:45 am, make coffee. Cream and splenda
  • 2 episodes of Pumpkin Scissors with the Serpent
  • Make lunch for the Serpent; leftover turkey sandwiches
  • See Serpent out the door to work
  • Reading news feed
  • Nap, woken up by cat
  • Work on Black Ward. 2 pages. 30-31.
  • Put first batch of Black Ward up on Comicfury
  • Cup of chicken bouillon broth, headache meds
  • Listening to Silent Hill vocal tracks
  • blogging


  • Chat with Serpent at her lunch
  • shower
  • blogging 1 / 2
  • pay bills
  • Screw around online
  • Schedule car inspection appointment
  • dishes


  • dinner: chicken patty sandwich and french fries
  • rp: Persona 6: Key and Fatal Frame: House of Misfortune
  • Watching Serpent play Fire Emblem: Three Houses
  • Serpent shower

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