Basement Arc #4

It’s time to talk about how the basement arc ends. The answer isn’t pretty. It ends in attempted suicide. Again. Honestly how else can it end? So far Sabretooth has:

  • sought help for his psychological breakdown and trauma
  • been denied treatment/medication
  • told he’s weak for needing treatment beyond talk therapy
  • locked in the basement, forced into restraints
  • treated like a sub-human
  • Attacked and lobotomized
  • treated like an actual animal on a leash
  • been deliberately re-traumatized with accusations of past deeds
  • the only person who showed him any tentative trust or affection was rejected by her peers because of it

So yeah. Sabretooth breaks out of his prison in the X-mansion and attempts suicide by cop/suicide by X-men. Let’s see how that goes down.

  • It starts in Uncanny X-Men #328 with professor Xavier telling a heavily bound and restrained Sabretooth that Xavier feels he’s beyond help, and that he’s giving up trying to help him.
  • Despite his heavy restraints, Bishop is still waiting outside– literally waiting for a reason to shoot Sabretooth.
  • And what exactly was the reason that caused Xavier to finally lose faith and give up? Sabretooth imagined killing and eating some deer in the fake digital jungle environment that Xavier was keeping him in. An environment that he specifically said he didn’t relate to and didn’t want to be in. And not even real deer. Not even real fake deer. Imaginary fake deer. Sabretooth imagined killing and eating some deer, and Professor Xavier decided that meant he was beyond redemption.
  • Xavier excuses Magento’s crimes as resulting from his trauma, but completely fails to acknowledge that Victor’s trauma played any part in his actions or mental illness.
  • Xavier, in front of Sabretooth, calls Valerie Cooper and says he’s done all he can and is turning Sabretooth over to the government.
  • Then Tabitha shows up where they have Sabretooth restrained, accuses him of lying to her, and slaps him. What he’s supposed to have lied about is not made clear. Its entirely possible she doesn’t even know, as this is directly after the ‘intervention’ bullied her into refusing to be kind to him. Betsy is there, egging her on.
  • After being slapped, Sabretooth taunts Tabitha and gets under her skin enough to get her to attack him– destroying the restraints around him. He thanks her for helping him escape, and then Psylocke immediately attacks him. Psylocke tells Tabitha to go, but she doesn’t.
  • Sabretooth and Psylocke fight, and she tries to pacify him with her psionic knife, giving him the pacifying ‘glow’ that he had been trying to get the psychics in the house to give him the entire time. But it doesn’t work, apparently because Wolverine’s lobotomy cured him of.
  • Sabretooth carves a hole in the wall and flees the mansion without hurting Tabitha.
  •  Sabretooth Special (1996), Sabretooth flees into the sewers, knowing the X-men are coming after him, and considering himself ‘prey’.
  • Caliban catches Sabretooth, and they fight. Sabretooth tries to convince Caliban to try to kill him.
  • After beating Caliban, Sabretooth goes back to his Manhattan safehouse. The X-men guess that he may go there and they break in.
  • I think this is the thing that somehow galls me above all else. The X-men are in Sabretooth’s apartment. His tidy apartment full of books, art and a bonsai tree. And Jean says this. “What are you implying, Scott, that Creed would escape from the mansion– only to hide from us by acting like a regular human being? He can’t become civilized anymore than you or I could pretend to be savages!”
  • In fact this pisses Sabretooth in the comic off so much that he attacks them immediately, despite having been hiding and listening.
  • Sabretooth fights with the X-men and he tells them he’s not going back. Never. He takes a hostage and escapes into the subway. He fights with Beast, taunts him, and insists, unconvincingly, that he never wanted help from the X-men. He fights with Angel on the rooftop and wounds him.
  • Sabretooth squares off with Jean in the subway and puts a fine point on the events of the last few months. “It wasn’t supposed to be this way, was it? Nooo–I was gonna shove down the animal inside a’me ‘cause I wanted to, right? ‘Cause all you X-men showed me it would be the right thing to do! Look inside a’me, Jeannie– find out why I couldn’t do what Xavier wanted me to. See why I ain’t never gonna be man enough t’beat back the burning inside a’me… the way Logan does every single day of his lousy life.”  To which Jean responds by calling him garbage.
  • He squares off with the X-men again, and in case you thought I was exaggerating on the ‘suicide by cop’ thing, Cyclops calls him out on it.
  • “For the past few hours, Creed, you haven’t been running away from us, have you? You’ve been running to something. Your death! If you can’t hurt us–kill us–then you’d rather die here tonight, wouldn’t you?” Sabretooth doesn’t deny this at all. In fact, he asks Cyclops if he’s ever seen the end of Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid.
  • Then Cyplops lays him out– and Val Cooper’s tactical team hamburger him with bullets, pronounce him dead, and take him away to force him to be in X-factor. I guess I’m gonna talk about X-factor later.

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