The core parts of my experience

Multiversal: My experience is based on belief in an infinite number of alternate universes or dimensions beyond our current one. I believe that everything that could happen, or will happen occurs within some other world in the multiverse, and that there are ways for entities to transfer their selves from one world to another.

Fiction-connected: Due to the infinite nature of my belief in the multiverse I believe that every story that is fictional in this world is real in another, and that I and my system have connections to various worlds that are represented in this universe as fiction..

Metaphysical: My experience is based on a metaphysical belief in an immortal soul or spirit that remains the same between incarnations, through different lives and universes, able to carry with it the memory of previous, and parallel lives.

Literal: I believe that my described experience as a spiritual entity who has existed and lived in many alternate universes that are represented in this world as fiction is a literal and real metaphysical phenomenon, and not a psychological phenomenon or quirk of the brain.

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