Wild Child

Man I really fuckin hate Kyle (Wild Child). I’ve  hated him for years and seeing the way he was acting at the Hellfire Gala in this week’s Hellions legitimately made me wanna hurl.

Kyle, get it through your disgusting little head.

She’s not into you, she was never into you.

You’re a gross little turd and its not because of yer damn face.

Its cause you’re one of them fucking “nice guy” incels.

The pack terminology is not sexy or cool coming out of your mouth, its fuckin gross and weird. Knock it off.

I have been trying to get you to fucking cool it and stop being such a god damned loser and a wimp for something like 20 years.

You keep goddamned disappointing me.

The only thing wild about you is your nasty sense of entitlement to Aurora.

Get a fucking grip, boy.

It is a crying fucking shame that security stepped in and we didn’t get to see my boy Daken beat your fucking ass like you deserved.

(Panels from Weapon X (2003), and Hellions #12)

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