6/4-6/6 2021. Media weekend

Got the second (moderna) shot on Friday and felt like trash pretty much the whole weekend. 

Thursday: The recent Windows update basically fried out my laptop’s network card driver. Nothing I did would re-initiate it, not rolling it back, reinstalling it, etc. 

Friday (day): Shot. Illyana and Kitty had a fun shopping day, bought some clothes at Wal-mart, stopped at the comic store and Gamestop (Bought: Resident Evil 8, Nier: Replicant, and SMT Nocturne.)for us, and got lemonades/fruit drinks at the Dunkin Donuts. Also stopped at Best Buy and got a USB network card for my laptop. The USB network didn’t fucking work, so we had to restore my laptop to factory (kept all the files, but have to reinstall the programs which is a HUGE pain in the ass). Amber and I had planned to do some rp planning while we still had energy, but since the computer was restoring for hours, Koko and Kazu played RE8 instead.

Saturday: Kitty and Illyana watched Fellowship of the Rings. Napped. Kazu and Koko played more RE8.

Sunday: Kazu and Koko finished RE8. Amber and I did some rp organization and planning. We’re going to take a break on Re-Evolution for a bit, to get some other planning done and especially because it’s going to be the 10th anniversary of New Game Plus.


RE8: I loved all the characters. It’s basically like Legend of Zelda meets Resident Evil. A lot of the super-soldier/body horror shit was deeply unpleasant to me, but Kazu really liked it, and kind of felt it was a bit tame in the gore department. He really vibed with Heisenberg which isn’t that surprising.

LOTR: Kitty and Illyana wanted to watch the whole trilogy this weekend but remembered how exhausting just one of them is. They’re on the burner. 

Sailor Moon Eternal: Planned to watch it this weekend, but it didn’t happen. Burned out on media with RE8 and LOTR. on the burner.


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