Reblogs and Comments

So I’m embracing a new (old) posting philosophy for myself that I’ve been thinking about over the last couple of weeks.

No more non-addative reblogs. 

Somewhere in the past ten years I, (and maybe some other people) have slowly conditioned out of commenting on, or adding to the discussions on posts. We’ve been convinced that it’s somehow ‘cringe’ or embarrassing to do so; that the polite thing to do when you see something on tumblr, twitter, etc, is to silently pass it along to your followers without comment. Under this philosophy I have seen my blogs turn into nothing more than a pile of meaningless mush. A box of photos and excerpts that I have no personal connection to, and if I were to go and look through, I would have little context for what they meant at the time or why I had bothered to collect them.

But people actually love comments. Writers and artists and bloggers and other creatives don’t just make their posts to be silently passed from hand to hand by a voiceless mob. And by failing to comment, and always just silently reblogging things, I have been contributing not only to stripping my own blog of future context and insight, but also to the slow death of online community and its transformation into another silent and passive media conglomerate. 

I’m tired of it, personally. So no more silent reblogs. If something is interesting enough for me to reblog and share, it’s interesting enough for me to make some kind of comment on. And if someone does find that cringe or embarrassing or they don’t want that on their post, they can kindly block me with no hard feelings.

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